The mission of the Winnett School District, in conjunction with our greater rural community, is to provide a quality education for all in a safe and challenging environment.

Welcome to Winnett School District’s web page. We take pride in keeping our community informed. Please be patient as we continue to revamp our website and update it to be accessible to all visitors.

Statement of Beliefs:  

We believe Education is a lifelong process that prepares people to be productive, creative, and contributing citizens.
We believe our School, being at the heart of the community, is a safe and challenging environment for learning.
We believe Students are curious and valuable individuals who with guidance and self-discipline will be responsibly involved in their education.
We believe Teachers provided with resources, training, and support, will model and expect excellence.
We believe Parents are essential partners in their children’s education.
We believe the Community and School are reflected in each other with mutual support and participation.

Vision Statements:  

We envision a basic, stimulating, applicable curriculum, which instills confidence, meets individual needs, and is assessed according to established standards.

We envision students as lifelong learners who think critically, solve problems, and who perform with competence and creativity.

We envision safe, accessible, versatile, well-maintained facilities.

We envision a cohesively linked community of the school, citizens, businesses, and agencies equipped to integrate learning to support our social and economic development.

We envision technology that allows students and staff to open doors to the world.

We envision enthusiastic, supportive, diverse, dedicated staff who are lifelong learners, demonstrating excellence in their profession.

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